Caine’s Arcade.

So, since my daughter was born, my brain has switched to everything Isabella. I’m already worried about what type of education she’s going to receive, her relationship with food, what type of personality she’s going to have and how I can help to influence her to be a good person, and I’m always thinking about what she’s going to be when she grows up.

I have some issues with the model for our school system in North America (and maybe it’s the same throughout the world – I don’t know). I’m not an expert on the subject, so I’m not going to drone on about what I think is wrong and how to fix the problems with how we educate our kids (cause I don’t know), but I am concerned about the state of the arts and the lack of encouragement to be creative and imaginative. In this country (Canada), I have seen a constant decline in funding for classes in the arts, and it makes me sad.

It’s great to focus on sciences and math, and preparing kids for a future of fast paced, technological changes – absolutely, our world has changed greatly from when I was a little kid, and will continue to, and our kids need to have certain skills to keep up – however, I feel that it’s a real shame that creativity isn’t fostered more.

Creativity will always make a difference. From businesses looking for that competitive edge to increasing the quality of life in a society. As we march off into the future, creativity will be behind the most successful economies and societies. I believe that.

I can’t find the link at this point in time (as I read the following statement some months ago), but a survey of the top companies as listed by Forbes, found that the top characteristic sought after in a potential employee (in high level positions) was creativity. Why then, is creativity not encouraged more in our schools? In our society? Is it because it’s so closely associated with imagination? Is imagination a bad word? If you are imaginative, does it mean you’re immature or you don’t want to grow up? If this is how you think, then you’re an asshole.

Of course creativity and imagination are strongly connected with the entertainment industry, but it’s also responsible for major breakthroughs in healthcare and the sciences, and countless major innovations.

All I know is this: I’m going to do all I can at home to encourage Isabella’s imagination and creativity, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed in the hopes that things start changing in regards to how she learns when she’s not at home.

I found this video today, and I think you should have a look at it. It’s inspirational, cute, fun, and will probably leave you feeling pretty good. I think that’s a nice feeling to have going into the weekend.


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