An Hour With Dexter

I took Dexter Dog to the beach today. We used to do this all the time before Isabella was born.

I remember when Amy was still pregnant. We had some friends drop by, who also have dogs and had recently added a baby to their family, and they were petting Dexter down and they said something to the effect of, “Soon, they won’t have much time for you anymore, Dexter.”

We talked about that statement recently, because the truth is, they were right – we don’t have much time for him any more, not like before. And as much as I feel bad about it, that’s just how it goes sometimes when you have a baby. I brought the subject up to them and they said they also thought they’d have time, that things wouldn’t change that much. They thought there would be time because, well, they loved their dogs! They would make time for them! But babies are a lot of work and (no offence to dog lovers), a lot more important. The decision to spend time with Isabella or to spend time with Dexter, is a pretty easy one to make. Luckily, Bella loves Dexter so he’s around a lot, but he doesn’t get walked as frequently or get as much one-on-one attention as he did before Bella came along.

This doesn’t mean I don’t love my dog – Dexter is my best friend! Even when I’m exhausted, and there’s a layer of fur on the floor that I just cleaned, and he runs in from outside, full of mud, and gets directly up on the couch, and he just barked one of his enormous barks at the exact same instant the baby finally got to sleep, and I find another deformed baby toy with round puncture holes in it, and he’s eaten our supper before we had a chance to, and I find my underwear in the back yard, and he’s pulling himself on his butt across the carpet, and he’s eaten all the cat food, and he knocks Bella down as he runs by, and poops in the back yard 75 times in a five day period – even after all this, I still love him. It’s just that there are only so many hours in a day, and when I’m awake for the large majority of them, day in and day out, well,… it just gets tiring! A fact of life is that you can’t make time where there is none. So, Dexter, here’s my public apology! Both Amy and I are sorry we can’t spend more time with you. And in time, we promise it will get better.

Yesterday happened to be a day where I did find some time for us to hang out (it was actually my wife who suggested, “Why don’t you and Dexter go to the beach before supper “). Man, was he excited! And it was great! He ran around and chased butterflies (well, he starts off chasing butterflies, but ends up chasing their shadows, nose down and running hard), he dug in the sand, took a pee on some abandoned sand castles (and on some grass, and a log, and in the water and in a fire pit), and ran and jumped in and out of the water like he’d never seen it before…. It was like he was a one year old puppy again! He even chased after a passing Sea Doo!

All in all, a great day with Dexter. I feel like we reconnected, like we rekindled our friendship.

Anyway, below are some photos, all taken with my iPhone.










Self portrait of Dexter and I.




Walked upon these three bikes, just laying there. Clothes and shoes still there and all. Wonder if I walked upon some unsuspecting skinny dippers, as I didn’t see anyone the hour or so I was there.



Super Dexter: As fast as a speeding Sea-doo.









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