Isabella Is So Sic… Wait A Minute

So, Isabella was sick last week, and it was lasting a long time. We tried putting her to be bed, but she was crying and coughing, and snot was running out her nose like you wouldn’t believe! She was one sick little girl. So congested and uncomfortable…. until we got to emergency.

You know how this works, right? You wait for an hour, then two… a nurse sees you and checks you out, taking vitals or whatever before the doctor sees you. You go back outside in the waiting room, you think about leaving, but you’ve already spent two hours waiting! So you wait another hour, then another, THEN you see the doctor.

Well, it was the same case with this visit – except Isabella felt better immediately, and Amy and I spent 4 + hours chasing her around the hospital! The doctor said, “She seems fine now. No congestion, no wheezing, she seems pleasant enough… really happy. Give it a few days, she’ll be fine.” Isabella smiles up at the doctor.

Of course.

Here’s a photo of Isabella I snagged with my iPhone. She’s walking like crazy, super social… even at eleven months, we can tell she’s going to be a people person.

“My mom and dad think I’m sick. What brings you here?”


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