Saul Leiter: In No Great Hurry

I came across this photographer today during my daily internet, photography-related browsing. Actually, I came across a trailer for a documentary about this photographer, that peeked my interest and looked amazing, and then I started to dig deeper.

Saul Leiter is in his 80’s. He’s been shooting street photography since the 1940’s. I actually love his work. I’m not a street photographer by any means (I live in Goose Bay, Labrador – the place doesn’t exactly lend itself to street photography, not in the traditional sense), but I sometimes find myself fantasizing about visiting/living in a city and getting caught up in the hussle and flow of daily life there – prowling the streets, alleys, and coffee shops, on the hunt for… well, whatever catches my eye and begs to be photographed.

Anyway, you can read an interview withSaul here, at the Photographers Speak blog. He’s a really interesting character, and I was immediately drawn to him. He’s almost like a character you’d find written in a Mordecai Richler novel or something.

Anyway, watch the trailer for the documentary, In No Great Hurry below, and read the interview above. I think you’ll really enjoy getting to know Saul Leiter.

**Something to note: While Saul Leiter shot in both black and white, and colour, he never really showed anyone his coloured work, or at least, never really received much interest for it. The thing is, when colour film first became readily available, it wasn’t received by “serious” photographers kindly, especially for street photography. If you were a “serious” photographer, you didn’t shoot in colour. Back in the day, it was probably surprising that someone would use coloured film. Of course things have changed, but even today, some believe street photography and black and white go hand in hand. This is a traditionalist view, of course, but it is still some people’s opinion. **


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