Still Shooting…

Wow, I’m a terrible blogger. When I decided to start this blog, I was in dreamland about all the photography I would do, all the blogging I would do…. well. That just isn’t happening, is it?

There just isn’t enough time in the day. But before I go into a spin, and start rambling, I’ll stop myself. None of us have much time. That’s a fact of life. There are priorities. This blog however, right now in my life, is not one of them. But I love having this outlet, regardless of how often I turn to it.

So, I’ll just keep blogging when I can, and accept that I can’t do it consistently at this point in my life.

I got an iPhone 4s for Father’s Day. I’m very happy with it in every way, and I’m forever thankful to my little family for getting me one – and thankful for their patience with me during my addiction! It’s brilliant. Of course, the ability to have smooth, easy access to everything through my phone is wonderful, but the most exciting thing about it for me is the camera and, of course, the numerous editing apps (most, surprisingly good and powerful) that I can get and run with it.

And so, while I’m not posting much photography here on the blog, know that I’m actively doing photography everyday. Especially now. I’ve become an Instagram whore. And loving it.

You can follow my Instagram stream by searching for my user name, Howardhaby. Yeah, nothing too cutsie… just my name.

But I can go on and on about the iPhone and Instagram and all the goodies that come with it, but instead I want to bring to your attention a video I watched recently (on the iPhone). It really touched the photographer in me. The photographer, Jessica Backhaus, has such passion for what she does, and I found it inspiring.

Anyone who really appreciates photography, has an imagination, and can really get lost in an image should watch this video. While certain people’s work can baffle me at times (particularly Jessica’s style of photography – although, granted, some of her work I don’t “get” either), listening to this photographer talk about her work helped to open me up.  She certainly has an amazing eye for light, composition, and colour. Anyway, inspiring and enlightening video below, brought to you by the people at Foam:


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