Baby Led Weaning

This is Isabella after eating her first spinach-cheese ravioli. She’s a great little eater.

We have a fairly diverse diet – we pretty much eat everything (except boiled cabbage… I hate boiled cabbage). Sometimes we’ll go a week vegetarian and then switch it up and eat meat, sometimes we’ll eat meat a little too much, but we’re generally willing to try just about any type of food from just about anywhere.

Luckily, Isabella is pretty much the same way, or so it appears so far. She’s been exposed to pretty much everything we eat (with the exception of foods with a high sugar or salt or fat content) and she’s eaten everything that’s been laid in front of her without complaint. So for a parent, that is lucky.

Mealtimes have really been great fun. We’ve been subscribing to Baby Led Weaning, which is essentially, letting your baby feed themselves. You give them a piece of food, and they eat it. No purees or anything like that. We’ve been about 6 weeks or so doing this… maybe a little longer… but Isabella has really been enjoying herself, and we have too. Sweet potato used to be her favorite, now we think it’s asparagus.

Yes, there have been a couple minor heart attacks in the begining (she’s got six teeth, but could use some more) because sometimes she’ll gag on something. It doesn’t happen often though, in fact it’s been happening less and less, and she’s become an awesome little eater. Something to note at this time (for the parents out there who think we’re living risky) – she’s never choked on anything – never. Not once. Cool, hey? 🙂

We’ve noticed all kinds of developments, or think we have, and have really enjoyed the process. You should see her chew like a proper little person, and her finger dexterity and co-ordination has really come along. Anyway, I can’t talk about it like an expert, but it is really cool to watch. At first she could barely get food into her mouth, but after less than a week or so, she figured things out, holds thing with her fingers, and nibbles bits off with her front teeth.

At first she’d try and force something too big into her mouth (pretty sure this full tilt behaviour will be how she’ll do things the first 20 years of her life), but now she actually holds the food and takes little bites, chews and smiles at us. She’ll still stuff a little too much food in her mouth from time to time (hey, I still do that) but she usually works it out for herself, or I’ll get uncomfortable and I’ll pluck some food out without panicking….. or getting bitten, which has happened.

Anyway, good times around the dinner table, and it might be something to look into for any new parents out there. I can only speak for us, but it’s been a totally positive experience for us.



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