Pintervention, Please.

Have you been Pinning? Do you Pin It!? Have you Pinned It?

Pinterest is the worlds third largest social network site, the last I heard.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, well, check it out. I know, I know… another social network that you have to care for and nurture and spend time with….. I get it. Personally, I look at it as a tool.

Here’s what I mean (this is my half-assed way of explaining Pinterest to you):

How many times have you seen or found a great idea online that you wanted to, or thought you could, do sometime down the road?

How many times have you ripped or cut that photo or article out of a magazine because it was a great idea, or just plain inspiring?

How many pieces of paper do you have at home in an envelope or scrapebook or folder?

How about recipes? How many of those do you have laying around, or on cards in a box?

Or, if you’re like me, how many folders do you have in your email account filled with links to ideas, or projects or inspiration (that you have smartly named, labeled, and rediscovered a year later, thinking – “Oh yeah, that’s where you are, you good idea, you!”)?

Well, Pinterest is kinda like that, except you “Pin” everything in “Boards”. It’s like an online scrap book in many ways. I have boards named Home Reno, Food & Drink, Food – Desserts, Photography, DIY, DIY – Outdoors (oh yeah!), etc. I fill these with ideas that relate to each. The “social network” part comes into play because you can follow other peoples pins, and people can follow yours.

Another social aspect of it all comes from the ability to like and leave comments on other people’s pins, though most people rarely do. And that’s fine. You have access to all kinds of pins from people all over the world, not just the people you are friends with or follow.

I mostly use it because I’m slowly but surely becoming a DIYer with grand thoughts for home improvements and decor, and I also love food and I like to cook.

There’s a little bit of everything on there, and I guarantee you’ll find interesting ideas and things you’ll just like.

To the guys: At last count, around 95% of Pinterest users were female. I know. But don’t let this shy you away from using it. 5% still amounts to over 5 million dudes on Pinterest with toolbelts and power tools and a desire to save a dime (sometimes) by doing something themselves, instead of paying someone else to do it. Another plus? You can check out your wife’s pins and get a clue as to what the hell she was talking about when she mentioned that wall paper/paint colour/bedspread/bracelet/organizer/hairstyle/handbag. Great for gift ideas, too, I’d imagine.

Think about it: she’ll love you for the great reno ideas you pull off, the dinners you cook for her, AND the perfect gift you’ll get her for that special occasion…. or as an apology for that bathroom idea that ended up costing twice as much, and ultimately went south – but don’t think about that right now! Think about how AMAZING she’ll think you are! You’ll practically have a God-like insight into the mind of a woman!! Ok, ok, I’m pushing it there. But surely you can see the potential here. So man up!

As a side note, you can follow me on Pinterest if you’d like (Link on the right side there somewhere).  If you’re not a member yet, you’ll have to ask Pinterest to be invited when you sign up and go on a wait list, or if you know someone (like me), they can send you an invite which will be a few days faster. So ask me if you want an invite and I’ll send you one.

Cool? Cool.



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