Family Time

During my trip to Newfoundland, my plan was to hang out with family, show off Isabella and get outside, at least a few times, to make some photos. But I was just enjoying myself way too much to pull myself away from everyone. While driving from one place to another, or running to the store, or making a jaunt out for coffee, my head would be swivelling this way and that. I found myself taking pictures in my head, which I am sure most people who’ve spent time behind a camera do.

There were so many things I wanted to photograph. The towns of Embree and Lewisporte were full of opportunities, with a lot of wonderful scenery along the coast where the town meets the sea. Small docks and boats seemed everywhere. And where there were no boats, fingers of sea would creep in between two points of land, and rounded rocks rimmed with green seaweed would poke out of the water for about 200 feet from the shore line during low tide. I don’t even want to talk about the sight of the low sun hitting the seaweed and turning it into bright, green-yellow gold.

Our last evening in Lawn, where my mom grew up, was stormy and foggy, and unbelievably moody. It has been a while since I explored that little town (I spent summers there as a small kid), and I wished I had asked my mom to show me around a bit when I first got there, instead of on the last evening. The sea was angry and grey, and the green hills that overlooked it seemed … foreign to me somehow… Nordic comes to mind. Small, rugged hills with tufts of long browning grass and small cattle barns shrouded in fog looked out over the harbour leading into town. Many years ago, a tidal wave washed over that town via that harbour. Anyway, it was incredibly beautiful, and it hurt me to see it as I should have visited more often than I had.

I had plans to take photos of St. John’s at night, but that didn’t happen either. No matter, the weather was as miserable as it ever was. I did have some fun making a few pictures with my sister and her husband though. That was the most time I spent with my camera. Anyway, enough words. Here are a few personal photos from our stay with my sister in St. John’s. It was nice to be able to break out a camera and have a laugh.


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